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New chapbook, Cannot transform myth, out today via Ghost City Press!

In the square-foot of space behind a cash register, Cannot transform myth began as a series of ideas scrawled between customers. Some poems pay direct homage to those receipt-sized rants, assembled like marginalized blocks of text. Others are shaped by subtler transactions – the almost imperceptible frictions of status and stasis.  Befitting the chapbook’s inquisition of “the underclass”, Cannot transform myth  is free to download as part of Ghost City Press'   2020 Chapbook Summer Series . News about a physical release will arrive later in the summer.  Cannot transform myth ; a timeline   In 2014, beset by circumstances, I took up a cashier job in a local health food store. At the time I was reading Elisa Gabbert's The Self Unstable and rob mclennan's the uncertainty principle, two  books that would provoke a new directness in my work. Around that same time, when I was probably complaining about the monotony of my job, author Janet Turpin Myers encour

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