95 Books

This is my first time attempting the #95books challenge. Not so much concerned about meeting that number but excited to read more and hold myself accountable. Will update this weekly, monthly or whenever I can.

The tally so far...

1) Hedge by Alyssa Bridgman (above/ground press; 2017)
2) Wintered by Amanda Earl (shreeking violet press; 2017)
3) Extended Play by Amanda Earl (AngelHousePress; 2017)
4) Kiln by Matthew Johnstone (above/ground press; 2017)
5) The Art of Haiku by Stephen Addiss (Shambhala Press; 2012)
6) The Appetites of Tiny Hands by Natalee Caple (above/ground press; 1997/2017)
7) Love, Despite the Ache by Chris Pannell (James Street North Books; 2017)
8) UNDO by Alice Notley (above/ground press; 2018)
9) I Drive a Valence by Bill Callahan (Drag City Books; 2014)
10) Upstream by Mary Oliver (Penguin Press; 2016)
11) snow day by rob mclennan (above/ground press; 2018)
12) Book of Annotations by Cameron Anstee (Invisible Publishing; 2018)
13) The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America by Thomas King (Doubleday Canada; 2012)
14) 21 Poems by George Oppen (New Directions Books; 2017)
15) A Season In Hell by Arthur Rimbaud (Oxford University Press; 1973)
16) The Braindead Megaphone by George Saunders (Riverhead Books; 2007)
17) Signs of Our Discontent by Arnold McBay and Gregory Betts (above/ground press; 2018)
18) What was the sign you gave (a selection) by Allison Cardon (above/ground press; 2018)
19) We Need To Talk by Celeste Headlee (HarperCollins Publishers; 2017)
20) tattered sails (after un coup de des) by Derek Beaulieu (above/ground press; 2018)
21) Pyramid Song by Jamie Townsend (above/ground press; 2018)
22) Cat Town by SakutarĊ Hagiwara and translated by Hiroaki Sato (New York Review; 2014)
23) F by Franz Wright (Borzoi Books; 2013)
24) Words by Robert Creeley (Charles Scribner's Sons; 1967)
25) And The Word by Cid Corman (Coffee House Press; 1987)
26) Shapes & Sounds by W.W.E. Ross (Longmans Canada; 1968)
27) Between Ocean And Land by Lisa Rawn (above/ground press; 2018)
28) From Being Without Substance by Andrew Wessels (above/ground press; 2018)
29) Illocality by Joseph Massey (Wave Books; 2014)
30) Plight by Cid Corman (The Elizabeth Press; 19??)

I've neglected this list for months at a time and updating it retroactively has proven a bust. Given my penchant for reading and misplacing chapbooks, especially slim ones, I'd reckon this list is missing a handful of titles. But what does it matter? I read some great stuff this year -- some of which is listed here, some isn't.


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