Published In Bywords' August Issue

Upon moving to Ottawa in January 2010, was the first literary titan I came across. In March of that year I submitted a few pieces that were rejected. I hardly blame them; I’d arrived in this city muse-less and burdened by outdated poems kept to clutter otherwise bare corners.

This city changed all of that, by way of its culture, its stretches of greenery, its people. I’ve read Bywords’ monthly issues faithfully throughout the transition, often trying to mentally map the avenues and bedrooms that inspired these poets so. I can’t stop now; it’s habitual. It’s how I revel in a town full of strangers.

Imaginary Moats, the first poem to see daylight from a developing collection, has been published in’s August Issue alongside works by L.A. Paveling, Armand Garnet Ruffo, Tim Mook Sang, and Jamie Bradley (who reviews rob mclennan's Glengarry). I’m honoured and excited to join such fine company.

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