Looking Back On BQJ's Fall Launch

Bywords Quarterly Journal’s fall launch may have been weeks ago but the provocative poetry and impassioned music of that afternoon have me in a reflective mood tonight. So I thought I’d share a photo or two from the Collected Works reading as well as our walk through Major’s Hill Park afterwards.

This was my first public poetry reading since 2005. Naturally, my nerves were on edge but by the time I began reading some newer, unpublished pieces, I'd settled in comfortably. In addition to the three poems selected for the Bywords Quarterly Journal, I read Of Degrees, Ivy Peers In Your Window and An August Sepia. Past and present Bywords poets (including Daniel Boland, Brigette de Pape, Jean Van Loon and Carol A. Stephen) contributed tremendous variety to the afternoon while Marie-Josee Houle's livewire songwriting gave the event some kick.

Another reason this day stands so fondly in my memory is because of some great friends who came out to show their support. Thank you to Shane, Jess, Emily and especially Vishal, who rented a car for the afternoon and drove in from Montreal for the reading!

Lastly, thanks again to Bywords for putting on a great launch. The Journal's available to buy from their website as well as several bookstores in downtown Ottawa.


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