Chapbooks For Movember!

2011's moustache, 3 weeks in...

Last fall I took part in Movember, raising funds and awareness for men’s health. By the time December arrived, our small team of friends had collected around $1200. The support was amazing so, with this new campaign, I’d like to give a little something back (or at least make the pledging process more interesting) by subconsciously stealing the approach poet/publisher Amanda Earl conceived of when raising money for Ottawa’s recent AIDS walk.

In short, I’ll be repaying contributors with the gift of poetry. A lot of the details are still up in my head but this much I can confirm: Each donation of $20 Any half-sincere donation ($5 and up) will receive (1) a limited edition chapbook, handmade especially for you, containing 3 – 5 poems and (2) either a painting or photography mini-print by Emily Pascoe. They will be individually assembled, numbered, and shipped to your residence of choice. It's a nice keepsake when that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from being charitable starts to fade...

Visit my 'MoBro' space to donate or join our team:

Moustaches and poetry have much in common – both exist outside the mainstream and both can be quite manly! Support Movember this fall and see how art can heal. 


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