"All About the Hammer" article at Town Crier

The enraptured gritLIT audience (photo by Phoebe Wang)
In my apparent quest to form a Town Crier: Hamilton Bureau, I've finished a review of gritLIT's closing-night gala All About the Hammer, which combined forces with Lit Live Reading Series to bring us Chris Pannell, Jeffery Donaldson, Marilyn Gear Pilling, John Terpstra, Amanda Jernigan, David Haskins and Amanda Leduc. The night was almost overwhelming for a recent transplant like myself, so it's nice to finally see a review up. Further to that, we have photos (courtesy of Phoebe Wang) to prove that all of these talented readers did in fact share the stage. Your welcome, internet. And thank you, Phoebe! Click on for the Town Crier article and scroll down for more photos.

Chris Pannell (photo by Phoebe Wang)
Marilyn Gear Pilling (photo by Phoebe Wang)
John Terpstra (photo by Phoebe Wang)
Amanda Jernigan (photo by Phoebe Wang)
David Haskins (photo by Phoebe Wang)
Amanda Leduc (photo by Phoebe Wang)
(Somehow we're missing Jeffery Donaldson! Luckily, McMaster Daily News snapped a shot of him.)


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