Quiddity nominates "Vulture Bay" for Pushcart Prize!

Update (11/26/14): “Vulture Bay” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Heartfelt thanks to Managing Editor Jim Warner, Assistant Editor John McCarthy and the entire Quiddity team for believing in this poem. 

Way back in February I shared news that Quiddity International Literary Journal would be publishing two of my poems, and that occasion has arrived. “Just in time for Thanksgiving,” Quiddity announced yesterday while revealing the above image on Twitter, and it got me thinking: Thanksgiving? Oh, right… this is the most significant publication I’ve had in the USA so far.

The excitement of being in an American journal is like being nonchalantly lost and bemused by how few signposts you see. As this issue first churned its way out of pulp and revealed a list of author biographies, it felt strange not to know any fellow contributors. After all, part of getting published in Canada is geeking out over who you're sharing paper with. But with Vol 7.2 now imminent, I’m emboldened to seek out some emerging, international poets.

Copies of Quiddity can be ordered via their website. Alternately you can subscribe or order single issues through this PDF. Watch these spaces over the coming weeks for Vol 7.2, in which “Vulture Bay” and “The Smyth Ave Nightly Migration” are set to appear.


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