ottawater 11; issue & launch

Craving some post-holiday hors d’oeuvres and chocolates? Of course you are; it’s January and we’re all struggling to eat like normal people again. Thankfully, January is also the time of year when ottawater, the over-stuffed and super-rich PDF, goes live! A teaser of Diane Lemire's artwork is above and the full issue is available to read here.

There is so much to read in this year’s edition, with new work by Steven Artelle, Jennifer Baker, Selina Boan, Frances Boyle, Jamie Bradley, Ronnie R. Brown, Catherine Brunet, Jason Christie, Faizal Deen, dalton derkson, Amanda Earl, Phil Hall, Chris Johnson, Matt Jones, a.m. kozak, Brenda Liefso, rob mclennan, Cath Morris, Colin Morton, Alcofribas Nasier II, Pearl Pirie, Nicholas Power, Ryan Pratt, Monty Reid, Sonia Saikaley, Dean Steadman, Rob Thomas, Dennis Tourbin, Lauren Turner and Vivian Vavassis, well as new interviews with Matt Jones (conducted by Amanda Earl), Brecken Hancock (conducted by Lesley Strutt) and Phil Hall (conducted by Jennifer Baker).

My contribution, “Montreal express; 6:40”, is from that manuscript of low pressure death poems I’m still working on, off, and on again.

Feeling gluttonous after all of that? You’re in luck: publisher rob mclennan will be hosting a launch for ottawater 11 on Friday, January 30th at Carleton Tavern in Ottawa. Wish I could make it. Details here.


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