Two poems in ottawater

ottawater is more than a deluge of fine poetry and prose – it’s a once-per-year snapshot of everything Ottawa’s writing scene is and could be. Is, because rob mclennan keeps such a keen eye on the city’s newbies and mainstays. And could be, because it’s hard to read each volume without imagining Ottawa’s literary scene with all of its ex-pats still living and immersed in the National Capital Region. Indeed, ottawater is that eclectic and brilliant potential, momentarily realized.

The digital mag is back for its thirteenth issue and I’m happy to see so many wonderful names attached. Quite a few new names as well, for me at least. There are too many entries to digest in one sitting but when you make it to the P section, you’ll find my poems “Bound” and “Cannot transform myth #19”. 

Issue #13 is live right here. Thanks to rob mclennan for including me and cheers to Tanya Sprowl for designing the best-looking ottawater yet. 


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