Curious things for February 2013

I've a small flurry of good reads, promising events and updates to share (all but one poetry-minded):

Arc Poetry Magazine is striving to put poetry in young people's hands with a special, upcoming issue and an indiegogo fundraising campaign. Help get poetry into classrooms today.

Pearl Pirie contributes the engaging A Place To Hide and Seek to Canadian Poetries' ongoing Poet Secrets feature.

rob mclennan sheds light on the origins of In/Words, the little collective that could, in this profile for Open Book Ontario. It's remarkable, the breadth of poets and projects that have branched out from this unaffiliated magazine/press/reading group.

There's a reading happening in Saint Catharines on Friday, February 15th with Lindsay Cahill, Eric Schmaltz, Liz Worth & Corpusse. Brock University Press wrote a nice piece in anticipation; I'm hoping to catch this.

I review Brecken Hancock's The Art Of Plumbing and Seth Landman's A Note on the Text over at Ottawa Poetry Newsletter tonight. Seek out both from above/ground press

& finally...

From the Smithsonian, the story of a Russian father who fled Communism with his family and remained secluded in the Siberian wilderness for 40 years. When discovered by geologists in 1978, they were informed of a few news bits they'd entirely missed -- like WWII. Pretty wild.


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