The opposite of a shadow...

"[...] to think on their music, how it illuminates and shapes them, rising above and out of strange flows and eddies of their own peculiar hearts. A whole aspect of that person that there could be no other way of knowing. A creation of will and also a little compulsion, or maybe of no reason at all. A funny thing sometimes, somebody’s music. You get used to it, almost, but you forget that not everybody has this thing, trailing them around. Like a shadow, or maybe the opposite of a shadow..." 

~ Tamara Lindeman of The Weather Station, discussing the creative bond shared between friends who've contributed to her upcoming Duets Series, which you're encouraged to investigate here and here

Her insights on songwriting carry just as much traction in the realm of poetry, another craft a certain percentage of us smuggle out of ourselves, from the strangest ether of our understandings, observations and memories. Any results, perhaps laced with the sort of truths that would fall uncomfortably in our daily interactions, will be kept to a page and uncovered by only the rarest of enthusiasts. But it'll always be there, quite like a shadow, or a legacy awaiting loved ones.


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