Curious things for October 2013...

1) The small press market may be more diversified and thriving than ever before but the scene still hungers for reviews. So many writers, not enough readers. That’s why we need more sites like Small Press Book Review to get the word out on interesting and breaking new authors. It looks as though they’ve been at it for only a few months but there are plenty of new fiction and poetry titles to read up on, plus an interview or two. They’re also looking for more writers to tackle the load of review copies they have on hand, hint hint…

2) Writers Digest, a bastion of creative advice that hardly needs my reference, recently published 5 Ways To Be a Good Literary Citizen. Written by Chuck Sambuchino, the article doesn’t surprise so much as reinforce the life-affirming role writers can take in shaping a creative community. Sometimes it's easy to overlook the impact you can make simply by sharing a fellow writer's work!

3) Though unfamiliar with Liana Voia, I’m grateful for her efforts in producing a video series documenting the fall edition of Ottawa’s Small Press Book Fair, which went down on Saturday, October 12th. Unable to attend myself, I’ve enjoyed checking out a handful of the twenty-some interviews with poets and publishers who give Ottawa its literary reputation. Get an overview of her interviews here or track each author individually via her Twitter timeline.

4) Lastly, the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter continues with its popular “On Writing” series as well as some “Recent Reads” chapbook reviews from me. Following up a timely post on Marthe Reed’s exploration of repressed femininity (After Swann), the OPN today features reviews of Gary Barwin’s Seedpod, Microfiche and Monty Reid’s Moan Coach. If these two titles have anything in common, it’s an ability to communicate unspoken ideas through unassuming means. Do yourself a favour and check out the latest with above/ground press!


  1. Dear Ryan,

    Thank you for mentioning my name and the interviews I did at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair. I am grateful to Rob McLennan for allowing me to do these interviews, and I sincerely hope I did not miss any presenter. Hope to meet you at a future event.


  2. Hi Liana,

    Happy to. Twice a year the Jack Purcell Community Centre has an air of magic and your thoughtful interviews captured so much of it. I'm sure those videos will be a useful reference for many curious readers & writers in the years to come. Many thanks!



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