Phafours Press readies squirrel chapbook!

Earlier this year, Ottawa-based poet and publisher Pearl Pirie circulated a call through Phafours Press with the working title Squirrels in Stetsons Take Over Earth. An entire chapbook about squirrels; it seemed almost too intriguing to pan out. A consideration of the little critters’ way of life, their survival tactics, how they’re perceived and how they might feel about it. Which poets would raise their hands to the squirrel-call and what would they have to say?

Those answers have arrived. On Tuesday, Pearl announced via Twitter that the squirrel chapbook – now entitled our hircine, murine doppelgangers, mars – would feature contributions by Gary Barwin, Vivian Vavassis, Phil Hall, Janet Hepburn, Lori Anderson Moseman, Carol A Stephen, Shai Ben-Shalom and myself. Better yet, today we have photos and details straight from the desk of the editor/publisher. There also appears to be some talk of goats on mars... a secondary theme? Anyway, a glimpse: 

Image courtesy of Pesbo Poetry Journal
Looks wonderful! Now available from the Phafours website!


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