Upcoming: "London Exiles" chapbook

Revisiting London; December 2011
Sometimes you don’t choose what you write; a memory seeps into your present consciousness and you feel obliged to see it through. With much of 2013 spent organizing two chapbook manuscripts, I noticed just recently that a handful of poems cut during the process were left out in shared solidarity for London, Ontario. Ideas gleaned from the five years I lived in that fine city and pursued, to whatever end! A few of these poems settled in journals and online magazines during 2011 and 2012. Others sit unattended or search on.

Poetry month is still a long way off but I plan on celebrating it by publishing the odds-n-ends collection London Exiles through my humble Dead Letter Birds imprint. The run will be small and the costs, minor, but it'll be rewarding to turn the geographic roots that initially marginalized these poems into an inclusive exploration. More to come!

April 30 update: This plan is no longer on the table for two reasons: 1) I've been preoccupied with new material and 2) I haven't set myself up with a new printer. Kind of important. So until I complete one and remedy the other, London Exiles will remain on the shelf, so to speak. I'm keeping my figurative furniture in check. Stay tuned...


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