An interview with Pearl Pirie in The Puritan

May 2014: I was sitting in The Brain on James Street North, making notes on Pearl Pirie’s Vertigoheel for the Dilly (above/ground press, 2014), when a quick inventory of my critical guesswork revealed how invaluable Pirie’s insights would be. Perhaps an interview? Pearl said “sure, thanks, shoot” and so began an email exchange that went back and forth – sometimes leisurely, other times intensely – for twenty days.

The resulting conversation, entitled "I Aim to Work at the Level of Idea: An Interview with Pearl Pirie", is now live in The Puritan’s new Summer Issue. This is their biggest issue yet and bursting at the seams with poetry, essays, reviews and more. A big thanks to Pearl Pirie, the Puritan editors and above/ground press for the opportunity. 


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