Curious links for August 2014...

1) Sure to resist the macabre humour that'll riff off a headline like Is Poetry Dead?, the New York Times instead published an op-ed extravaganza entitled Does Poetry Matter?. Among the debaters who’ve shared their own essays are Sandra Beasley, David Biespiel and Paul B. Muldoon, whose Is Poetry Popular? Who’s Counting? contribution proves wonderfully concise as a last word.

... & yet: Days later, Kate Angus wrote a piece for The Millions called Americans Love Poetry But Not Poetry Books, which acknowledges that "poetry's audience might be greater now than ever", even if book sales tell a very different story. The debate carries on.

2) It’s always heartening to see poets compiling their own #CanLit histories. Apt. 9 Press publisher Cameron Anstee has picked up his blogging pace of late with two posts of thorough insight; one an appreciation for Brantford, Ontario writer and publisher Kemeny Babineau, the other collecting over two decades’ worth of Ottawa poetry anthologies. The post on Babineau, which served as an introduction for me, is particularly enlightening as it leafs through many of his Laurel Reed chapbooks while offering personal insights about the author.

3) After announcing their return in late 2013, Chaudiere Books is set to unveil a promising string of titles by authors Amanda Earl, Monty Reid and Roland Prevost this fall. In the meantime, co-runners Christine McNair and rob mclennan are throwing a fundraiser to ensure that forthcoming lineups in 2015 and beyond offer the same stirring potential. Add a brick to Chaudiere Books' rebuilding year by contributing to their Indiegogo campaign. There are great books and memorabilia to be had!

4) This is a late-edition news brief: BookThug has taken 30% off their entire backlist but only for two more days. Do not delay!


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