Upcoming: YOW! A Zine About Ottawa

The poster that got people talking... (Photo credit: Lily Pepper)

When word started spreading about Lily Pepper’s upcoming YOW! A Zine About Ottawa, I felt like handpicking a chapbook-sized manuscript of poems for her. Then I restrained myself and sent two, one of which – “Monday night at Georgetown Pub” – will be included in the inaugural issue. I'm happy to be involved and grateful the zine gave me a push, as "Monday night at Georgetown Pub" had been in an unfinished state since 2011!

Until YOW! launches, bide your time with the rather impressive range of attention (both grassroots and media-wise) that Lily has been garnering: her call for submissions in Metro News, another in the always trusty Apt 613 and, finally, her interview on CBC Radio.

Update 09/27/14: YOW! will launch Sunday, October 19 at Pressed (750 Gladstone Ave). Check the Facebook invite for full details. There will be readings from contributors, although I'm unlikely to attend. The problem with inviting me to Ottawa, especially in October, is that I wouldn't ever leave.


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