Review of "Light Light" on Lemon Hound

I first opened Light Light at the beginning of the great exhale, otherwise known as 2014. Newly settled in Hamilton, I was undertaking resolutions for my year of detachment when Julie Joosten’s poetry chimed in – not advocating detachment per se but nature's serene persuasion – provoking my awareness out of slumber. In various coffeehouses and parks around the lower city, I'd remind myself to stop cyclical thinking and instead feel every sensation, the way it is and should be.

Light Light is one of my favourite books of 2014 so I'm pleased to see it get some added attention this week on Lemon HoundI thank that publication and in particular Geneviève Robichaud, who immediately saw the philosophical/ poetic blurring point in Joosten's text and guided my review with many positive suggestions. Give it a read here!


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