Curious things for September 2013...

1) Two articles in as many days have caught my eye, the likes of which should inspire any stalled writing projects you might have underway. The first, “What Editors Want; a Must-Read for Writers Submitting to Literary Magazines” by Lynne Barrett, offers a thorough checklist of how one should research, submit and manage their submissions, plus keen insights from the editors’ end with regards to rejection letters, etc. The second article, “25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer” by Jocelyn K. Glei, busies itself in the creative process through the hand-me-down quotations of well-known writers. It’s a nice shot in the arm when you catch yourself merely thinking about writing.

2) I’ve never called attention to rob mclennan’s long-running “12 or 20 questions” but I’m an avid reader all the same. A lot of newly published writers tend to get the spotlight and their names stick in my mind because the questions usually elicit insightful, funny and honest responses. The most recent entry focuses on Jeff Blackman – never mind, now it's SpringGun Press. Anyway check both of them out and then slide backwards down the rabbit hole.

3) Count on The Steel Chisel for another issue of quality writing. All of the authors’ names this month are new to me but Matthew Walsh’s poem “Open Air” and Tyler Gabrysh’s short story “Here at Zoe’s Wedding” are great places to dive in.

4) This morning I posted reviews of Otherwise Smooth by Rosmarie Waldrop and The creeks, by rob mclennan on Ottawa Poetry Newsletter. Both chapbooks further my suspicion that above/ground press is making the very most of its twentieth anniversary, which was celebrated recently in a party/reading/launch chronicled here by Pearl Pirie.

5) This is the last week you can sponsor someone in the Ottawa AIDS Walk. At the time of this writing, the initiative has collected only 27% of its goal. All donations go toward services that prevent, educate and alleviate the burden of living with AIDS. If you have a few bucks, they could really benefit. The Bywords team is once again taking part.


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