8) Loitersack - Donato Mancini (Fave Poetry of 2015)

Loitersack (New Star Books, 2014)

“The Young Hates Us” operates as poetry, criticism, philosophy and social protest, a collage-like rebuke of capitalist passiveness and how it weakens our own ideological potential. And that’s just the first section. Unlike other selections on this Fave Poetry of 2015 list — much of which I consider “comfort poetry” in the way it nourishes and mystifies, evokes and withholds — Loitersack demands analysis and disbelief, number-crunching and humility. Peering beyond the systematic ways we compartmentalize and see language, Donato Mancini probes conventional thinking until it’s yet another false idol polluting true expression. So while this isn’t the most comfortable read, Loitersack is the most original work I read all year. 


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